Addiction Counseling

The greatest thing in the world is for a man to know how to be himself.

Michel de Montaigne

Understanding what we are running from—instead of blaming.

Addiction takes on many forms—drugs, alcohol, food, exercise, pornography, television, shopping, sex, and gambling—to name only a few. We have habits that we seek to break free of, and other behaviors that need reinforcement.

As humans, we generally seek to live a balanced life with purpose, meaning, and peace of mind. In an effort to avoid uncomfortable feelings within our psyche, we often perpetuate negative feeling states through addictive behavior. Many therapies only address the behaviors; addictive behavior is an “effect”, and we must instead work with the “cause” to heal the addiction.

The root of all addiction lies is past trauma—and these unacknowledged dark areas can potentially dictate our lives. Our work is to bring awareness to these aspects of self; although the original wound or trauma cannot be fixed, through healing and integration we can adjust the way it is carried. Often it is not about blaming ourselves or others, but having a deeper understanding of what we are running from and integrating it within the tent of our being in a loving way—letting go of fragmentation and discovering wholeness.

Addictions are a continuous loop that spirals downward and seems impossible to escape from, and we continue to feed them at the expense of health, family, friends, work and finances. Recovery is all about taking responsibility for yourself and your choices—and using tools to help steer you to live a healthier and happier life.

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